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Just Like Hero

was created to provide premium quality custom and blank hoodies / sweatshirts for brands, screen printers and schools.


Hoodies are Our True Passion.

In Just Like Hero, we produce hoodies from scratch; from research and design, fabric knitting, cutting & sewing, quality inspecting, to distributing.
We do everything by ourselves because we don’t tolerate any middlemen to mark up the price and hinder the quality of our hoodies.  


The Cost Breakdown Apparel Wholesales Don't Want You To Know

In the conventional and lengthy supply chain, it takes at least two companies to bring you a hoodie from the factory. If each company marked up by $3, you were to pay $11.5 for a hoodie that only costed $5.5 to produce. 

Cost of Just Like Hero Hoodies

Cost of Just Like Hero Hoodies

In Just Like Hero, we double the material and craftsmanship quality and add a quality control and inspection procedure into the production, in which we select only the best ones and make sure every hoodie we deliver into your hands is a promise.

In the end of the day, we only take $2 from you to keep ourselves sustainable.

If you also believe in the true quality hoodies, please let us make yours.

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